It's GO TIME at Marina!

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    Jeff Roberts

    Folks –
    I just spoke with Marina Motorsports representative and the remainder of our dates are a GO for the 2015 season!

    The team will meet and make some decisions about May thru December and post updates here and on the GGC calendar. We missed out on a couple fun-run events and a Test & Tune… I still want us to have those events.

    Stay tuned!

    Dave Dunwoodie


    Andy Daniels

    Whew! Gives me a chance to make up for my poor start this season.

    Rob Powers

    so with the extended season are we going to re-instate the “drop 1 event” thing for the class standings?

    Jack Yu

    Rob, yes!

    Andy Daniels

    Seriously, though, a test-and-tune next month would be great. It’d give me a chance to try out the new suspension before Buttonwillow.

    William Lin

    Woohoooo!!! Great job!

    Randy Hayes

    great news!

    Jeff McCormick

    Jeff and team,

    Thank you for all your hard work and determination over the last couple years keeping the autocross program in Marina and searching for a back-up just in case!

    John Kim

    Yippee! I may not be competitive in any class, but I look forward to April 18th and more autocross dates later in 2015. Need to finish wearing out those old all-season tires!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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