Handbrake required?

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    Timothy Er

    For tech do we have to have a working handbrake? One of my cables is twisted and I haven’t had time to replace them.

    Jeff Roberts

    Hi Tim –
    We don’t check those during tech. If we required it, I don’t think we’d have a single E36 M3 allowed to participate. 🙂

    It’s a good idea to get that working at some point, however.

    The online documentation and event registration writeup and confirmation e-mail include the checklist…

    Tech Inspection Checklist
    Verify all the following conditions are met before arriving at the event. Our tech
    inspectors will check your car and put a sticker on your windshield to indicate it
    passed. If your car does not pass, you will not be allowed to drive it and no
    refund will be given.
    POINT! Only factory battery hold-downs are accepted.
    2. Wheels are safely attached and exhibit no cracks. Wheel nuts/bolts are
    tightened to the manufacturer’s recommended torque value.
    3. All loose items are removed from the vehicle. If a video camera is employed, it
    is securely mounted. If your floor mats are not secured with Velcro or snaps,
    remove them.
    4. Tires show no cords, belts, or cracks in the tread or sidewall.
    5. Seat belts and/or harnesses are properly installed and in good condition.
    6. Brakes are in good working order, have no leaks under pressure, and have
    adequate fluid in the master cylinder.
    7. No fluid leaks (fuel, oil, coolant, power steering fluid, transmission and
    differential fluids, brake fluid) are present while the vehicle’s engine is running.
    8. Wheel bearings, steering mechanism, suspension, and shocks are in good
    operating condition.
    9. The exhaust is in good working order.
    10. Closed-toed shoes are mandatory for drivers. No open-toed shoes, sandals or
    “flip-flops” are allowed on course.
    11. Roll bars, if installed, are properly and securely mounted.

    Timothy Er

    Thanks Jeff! Just looking for clarification since I didn’t see it in the rules. Looking forward to next weekend!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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