go fast parts for sale – 135i and N54 parts plus new Hankook r-comps

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    Matthew Visser

    I sold the 135i and it is now time to clean out the garage…or so I have been informed.

    I have 135i specific parts, parts for the N54 engine (2007-2010 engine in 1M/135/335/535) and some r-comps. I broke the parts down in those categories and sorted by price. Please PM me if interested in anything. Prices are negotiable and will deep discount the prices if you take a bunch of stuff out of my garage.

    I hope everyone is having a great autocross season. Hoping to get out again next season!

    135i PARTS
    BMS Cowl Filters – small piece of rubber missing on one of them (does not affect usability) – also fits 128 and E90/E92 models (328 and 335) – $40
    fmxomar splitters (aka cone catchers) – $65
    Ferodo D2500 brake pads (new) – front and rear – $300
    Mason strut brace – with short arm firewall arm replacements – powder coated black – some nicks in the paint in some locations around the mounting points – $375
    BMW Performance carbon fiber rear diffuser – $850
    APEX ARC-8 wheels (anthracite) with Hankook Ventus TD Z221 r-comps (about half worn) – $1200
    DiffsOnLine LSD – 3.46 variable ramp 3-clutch (also fits E90/E92) – $3000

    And some 135i free stuff to whomever comes to my house to get them (in West San Jose – corner of San Jose/Cupertino/Saratoga):
    stock control arms and wishbones – free!
    BMW stock brake rotors slightly used – free!

    N54 PARTS
    BMS Sport Oiler Cooler Valve – $40
    BMS Oil Catch Can – $140
    aFe Intake – Power Stage 2 Si Magnum Force – fully sealed intake – $300
    Cobb AccessPort V2 – Stage 1 (includes high flow air filter) – $650

    I probably need to point out that I do not believe that any of the above parts are CARB legal. BMS will not even ship their parts to California. That said, I never had any issues. I stuck a BMW roundel sticker on the CAI and no one looked twice at it as it is a fully sealed system (i.e. no open cone filters that would be a dead giveaway). Cobb tune and be swapped out with stock tune as often as you like (connects ODBII port). YMMV

    Hankook Ventus TD Z221 C70 r-comps
    I have 2 full sets of new Hankook Ventus TD Z221 C70 Soft tires in these sizes:
    235/40/R18 (4 tires) – $750
    265/35/R18 (4 tires) – $750

    I do not want to break up a set. If you want 2 of the 235/265 then buy both sets and you will have 2 complete sets.

    Matthew Visser

    wheels, oil catch can and intake have been sold. I am taking offers on the other parts. Pics and current pricing are on Craigslist. All of my items can be found using the link below.


    Dennis B

    Posted this to our local Facebook 1er group for you. BTW, what was that wrench that you were using to loosen the nuts on the Mason bar? Still looking for one

    Matthew Visser

    The wrench was a Craftsman Universal Wrench – 13mm. It was the only one with thin enough walls to handle the tight space. Ratcheting wrenches had too wide a head to get in there on one side.


    Thanks for cross posting my for sale link!

    Dennis B

    Perfect, thanks!

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