Feb 23, 2013 – Test & Tune/Open Practice at Marina

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    Jeff Roberts

    It’s on! Registration opens at 7pm tonight

    Join us for a Pre-Season Test & Tune/Open test and practice day at Marina. This is an open format event that will run from 8am until 5pm. No run groups or car classes will be assigned, just plenty of opportunity for tuning, practice, and of course fun driving!

    We will offer two exercises:

    1) Figure 8/Skidpad/Oval (multi-purpose exercise)
    2) Mini autocross course (approximately 40s)

    The Figure-8 is an excellent exercise to explore over and understeer, skid recovery, throttle and steering smoothness, trail braking, vision, and braking smoothness. It is not for practicing drifting or burn outs.

    The mini-course will include various elements you can expect to see during a competition event. The timing equipment will be set up with the display at the finish so you can run the course and see if your tuning and driver tweaks are making you faster.

    Event cost is $50 and $5 for an optional sandwich lunch.


    Mark Mervich

    Very good. If someone wants to try my car, $12 a run on the course. Bring lots of money cause you will want more B)

    Ryan Rich

    Sign me up for 2 runs Mark!

    Mark Mervich

    [quote=”TheCarousel” post=1121]Sign me up for 2 runs Mark![/quote]

    Ok. Will you bring the Snoopy outfit?
    I don’t know who you are.

    Ryan Rich

    I have the white 1987 325is with the engine from a 1998 M3. I towed it up last season with my Toyota 4Runner.


    Mark Mervich

    Thanks, Ryan. I recognized the car, just no Name to connect to it.

    Edison Tran

    Hi new member here

    Got my membership and signed up for the TNT been a couple days still don’t see my name on the list?

    Thanks thought I would post

    Jeff Roberts

    e-mail me your name at autocross @ ggcbmwcca . org and I’ll figure it out.

    James Keane

    Hi Mark,

    Count me in for a couple runs (at least) as well.


    Jeff Roberts

    You’re all set.

    Edison Tran

    Ty!!! See you all there

    Ryan Rich


    Is it possible to use a suction cup mount with your car?


    Jeff Roberts

    We are using the same course layout from last July, here’s a repost of the site plan. If you want course maps, please print your own and bring with you.

    Jeff Roberts

    There were two items found at the site that I forgot to mention in the thank you e-mail I sent. One is a black plastic storage case for an electric air pump.

    The other is a plastic part from the front lower area of a BMW…


    #5 in the diagram was found on the figure-8 exercise. I have it stored in the trailer, so if it’s yours and you want it back, get in touch.

    Based on the part number it belongs to one of the following vehicles:

    Part 17111436245 (SEALING LOWER) was found on the following vehicles:
    E46: Details on E46
    E46 320i Sedan
    E46 323Ci Convertible
    E46 323Ci Coupe
    E46 323i Sedan
    E46 323i Touring
    E46 325Ci Coupe
    E46 325Ci Convertible
    E46 325i Touring
    E46 325i Sedan
    E46 325xi Sedan
    E46 325xi Touring
    E46 328Ci Coupe
    E46 328i Sedan
    E46 330Ci Convertible
    E46 330Ci Coupe
    E46 330i Sedan
    E46 330xi Sedan

    E85: Details on E85
    E85 Z4 2.5i Roadster
    E85 Z4 3.0i Roadster
    E85 Z4 3.0si Roadster

    E86: Details on E86
    E86 Z4 3.0si Coupe

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