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    ricardo jamin

    My 113k e36 M3 still has original engine mount and looked quite worn.
    I want to replace it as preventive maintanence. Is there a good 3rd party part that is recommended over OEM for mostly street driven car?
    I don’t mind a bit more vibration, but I don’t want go too far sacrificing daily drive comfort either.


    Brian Cheung

    at almost 170k miles, my engine mounts still seem good. I would go with the OE mounts again. I don’t see an advantage of going with something else if the originals last 170k.


    an nguyen

    a lot of folks use oe mounts; I had ireland urethane for a while but don’t think it was better so went back to oe

    ricardo jamin

    Thanks, I guess OEM it is then. Its nice to hear it can hold up 170k just fine.
    I’m guessing mine had harder time being lived previously in OH, probably the colder winter and hotter summer is harder on the rubber.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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