Co-Driver, I bring the car, you bring the tires?

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    William Lin

    Recently got a M4 convertible that I’d love to AX. Only issue is it’ll take forever to use up the PSS on that came on the car and it just seems wasteful to buy a new set of wheels + tires unless I plan on AX’ing the car often. I plan on bringing it to the Oct 17 event and the Nov 7 Top Driver Shootout.

    Anyone interested in co-driving my M4 in exchange for your wheel and tire setup? Some combination of 19×10 ET25 & 19×9.5 ET22 square or staggered would fit. Tires could be anything legit for AX (RS3, RE-71R, Rival, RE-11, R888, etc).

    Can pick you up from the peninsula if you want a ride.

    Might just use the PSS in the end but wanted to provide this option if anyone was interested.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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