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    Chris Fountain

    I’m getting ready to do maintenance on the suspension of my ’92 325is and want to take to opportunity to upgrade some of my components/bushings where it makes sense. Before I do anything, I want to make sure I understand what impact the upgrades will have to my classification points.

    Does installing an offset or adjustable bushing in a stock location (i.e. an offset FCAB or adjustable rear control arm bushing) increase the points assigned? If so, which area(s) in the rules?

    Does installing adjustable rear lower control arms increase the points assigned. The rules seem to indicate rear chamber changes (out side of stock adjustments) on anything after E30/E28 are not assigned additional points.



    Stephen Kolesar

    If you are increasing the camber with your new bushings, then yes, you have to claim camber points. There are no points increase for caster adjustment, or change in toe. This would not fall under a major suspension change.

    I hope that helps.

    Chris Fountain


    Thanks for the reply. That confirms what I thought concerning camber/caster changes for the front, however, the rules appear to imply that, for E36s, only changes that increase front camber have points assigned. Can someone on the board confirm?


    Jeff Roberts

    From the classification team …

    [i]Rear camber points are only for older cars that came from the factory with little to no camber. Newer (E36 and newer) come from the factory with 1.5* or more of camber. That is about optimal so no need to dial in more camber than that. Camber correction arms are actually to remove the camber gained from lowering the car.

    No points for bushings, control arms, etc.[/i]

    So the system and your interpretation is correct for your E36.

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