Car Control Clinic?

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    John Jennings

    Hi Folks

    Former CCA member who just back into the BMW world (well, Mini cooper, but close enough 🙂 )

    Interested to hear what the Car Control Clinics actually are? Are they similar to the EVO autocross schools? Or more focused on teaching people with zero autocross experience how to handle their cars in precarious situations?

    Jeff Roberts

    Hi John –
    Here is a link to information about the chapter’s CCC program:

    The Autocross program offers a beginner autocross school in February which is targeted at folks who have minimal to no experience with autocross. We’ve done three of these so far and we continue to evolve based on member feedback.

    Scott Miller

    John, Car Control Clinics (CCC) are geared more towards drivers who have no prior high performance driving experience. The classroom session talks about all kinds of basic stuff – how to sit in the seat, how to hold the wheel, where and how to look as you drive, and an introduction to the exercises. The exercises let you explore weight transfer, both front/rear and side to side; emergency braking and lane changing. It is great for both new and more experienced drivers.

    But wait, there’s more! If you have not had an opportunity to push your Mini to the limits, it is a great opportunity to do so in a controlled and safe setting before you get yourself into a competitive autocross situation or out on a track at a high performance driving school or track day. Also, GGC has ventured into the realm of the Advanced CCC for people who have already done some high performance driving, or might be interested in track events. Discuss with the CCC coordinators whether your experience is sufficient for ACCC, or if they’ll require you to take our CCC first.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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