Candlestick Videos Circa 2001

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    Jeff Roberts

    For those of you not on Facebook, a thread started this week about an event back in 2001 where an X5 got up on 2 wheels at an autocross. Emergency personnel were called to check the passengers out to make sure they were OK. Once everyone was checked out, the vehicles each took a run on the course.

    Fire Truck

    Police Cruiser


    My head wants to explode watching these… I think we’ve learned a few things over the years. 🙂 This was before my time, but I hear it was the event that made the club exclude X5’s and other SAV’s from participating in autocross.

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    Henry Loh

    Moderator (insurance/liability) perspective versus spectator perspective gap?

    Also, did they sign the waivers and get a wristband?


    Also were the batteries checked to make sure they’re securely fastened?

    The firetruck’s run is impressive, and a clean run too.

    Shan Huang


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