Can someone let me dual drive an AA class car?

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    Michael Kolesar

    Long story short. I slide the front end of my E30 under the rear bumper of a Previa Tuesday evening. I was wondering if someone in AA would let me dual drive their car? I would like to stay AA to keep up with points, but if not I will drive my brother’s Gonzo class car.

    Thanks Michael Kolesar

    Jeff Roberts

    You can co-drive my car, but my only rule is… you go first. 🙂

    Michael Kolesar

    Thanks for the offer. I talked with my brother and we figured out that if I run his car with my tires I should be okay. It will be an AA class car then.

    So it looks like I have found a ride! Thanks.

    Stephen Kolesar

    I checked the classification with your tires on my car you are 68 points. So you are good to go no changes with the point value of the car you will be driving 🙂

    1987 325es (E30) base points: 26
    Aftermarket springs w/o height adj. perches: +4
    Non-adjustable or single adjustable shocks: +3
    Front swaybars: +2
    Rear swaybars: +2
    Front wheel width: +4
    Rear wheel width: +4
    Front camber: +4
    Differential gear change: +2
    Engine mod points for hp increase between 57 & 63% with a LSD: +17

    Total points: 68

    Class: AA

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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