Can I run my X6M?

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    Don Louv

    I can’t find and classifications for X-cars in the system.

    Nor can I find any mention in the rules that specifically restrict bringing a BMW SAV.

    I’d like to run my X6M prior to bringing it to Octoberfest (where it does seem to be allowed to compete).

    Would anyone like to clarify the rules for me? (and then update the online documents to reflect the answer)

    Thank you.
    -Don “Always bringing something odd” Louv

    Jeff Roberts

    Hi Don –
    I have language about excluding SUV/SAV type vehicles on the MSR event registration page in the top section, but you’re right, I did not include that in any of the other documentation. I’ve updated the home page of to include that language now and I’ll work on updating the PDFs and have them pushed out.

    Sorry about that.

    Don Louv

    I recalled that was the case a year or three ago. Oh well, I’ll go practice in the local police parking lot.

    Markus Lewtschuk

    Bummer! I’d love to see that!

    Henry Loh


    Just wanted to say hi. You are forever immortalized by running slicks, and squashing C class, on your electric 1 series :0]

    [I’m pretty sure that was you, at least….]

    Don Louv

    Hi Henry,

    Yup, that was me!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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