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    Brian Cheung


    let me know any discrepancies.


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    Brian Cheung

    Praneil should be X with the s2k, got it!

    Andy Daniels

    Hmm… I don’t remember hitting anything on my second run, but it doesn’t affect my class rank either way.

    Barry Twycross

    Dave Sparks is listed in X class, but in a 76 point Z4. That would have won him AAA if its right.

    Andy Daniels

    True, but Dave doesn’t normally compete in GGC AX, no doubt due to his unfair advantage.

    Timothy Woo


    Noticed a few people including me, have their first runs which shouldn’t count, as their best times. It should be the best time recorded for drivers’ second to the rest of the runs.

    Frank Tsai


    I think in non-bmw group Jordan Hubbard’s 120 time should belong to Bhulinder Sethi’s 20
    David Ng’s 70 should be in Class A since he drove my 135i with 50 points not in non-bmw group.

    thank you!

    Mark Mervich

    Competition was pretty stiff in AA with 9 drivers within 1 sec of 1st.

    Jeff Roberts

    Thanks B… Some corrections…

    – Ryan was driving Jeff Cowan’s car

    – Praneil was driving his S2k

    – Michael Kolesar, Tim Woo and James Tsukamoto, their practice runs should not count.

    – Tim Huang was driving his Porsche, he should be an X class car and not present in the results here. He’s changed it in the system so it will be right next time.
    – We need to figure out why there are 5 non-registered people showing up in the results. I know the data file I sent you was 100% correct for “registered = yes” field.

    – Buhlinder Sethi has no times, but he should.
    – Same here… last 4 people showing up were not registered.

    Brian Cheung

    final results posted.

    Frank, David Ng has been running X-class all season so I’ll just leave him in X-class.

    Jeff, for non-registered showing up in the results, this happens when the computer person enters a number that is not registered. This usually happens when the numbers on the cars are not big, clear, and contrasting or a 2 driver car. Example is Buhlinder Sethi #20 was mistaken as #120.


    Barry Twycross

    this usually happens when the numbers on the cars are not big, clear, and contrasting or a 2 driver car. Example is Buhlinder Sethi #20 was mistaken as #120.

    The car had big enough numbers, but it wasn’t clear where one started and the other ended. To us in the trailer, it looked like 4120. There were attempts to cross out part of the number, but that won’t clear, we though just the 4 was crossed out to make 120.

    I’ll add that numbers are important, if you want your runs scored accurately. Ask yourself if you could read the number from all the way across the Marina site, that could be up to 500ft. If you have two numbers, are you making it totally obvious to the person at 500ft which one is crossed out.

    Andy Daniels

    I would also recommend that you use a light-colored tape if you’re going to put your jury-rigged numbers on the car’s windows, i.e., not blue painter’s tape. I, for one, can’t read them from very far away on that dark background, and from what I was hearing from the scorekeepers, neither could anyone in the trailer.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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