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    Brian Cheung

    verified provisional results

    Barry Pangrle is #277 in the system. And so I changed him back to 277. I don’t know why he was using 358 or 858.

    Oh yeah, and Ryan and Jeff Cowan need to verify their times. Their car numbers were all sorts of mixed up during their runs.

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    Timothy Woo


    Thanks for posting scores.

    One thing I caught…
    James Tsukamoto was driving Snoopy (Ryan’s car) since his car was banged up, so he should either be in non-compete or Gonzo class, but not A.


    Jeff Roberts

    Thanks Brian!

    I don’t know why Brian Pangrle was changed to #277 for this event. He was 358 in the classification system and is now 958 there. I changed it for him yesterday. He should be 958 going forward. I know at an earlier event he was driving his Porsche and probably didn’t change classification prior to the event. Many people who have different cars neglect to do this.

    Tim Huang brought his Cayman, he should be X. James drove Snoopy out of class, as Tim said – he’s OK with being non-compete. I’ll write all these folks (once dust settles) and ask them to fix their data in the classification system.


    Andy Daniels

    Well, that was a pathetic performance on my part. Looks like last month was a fluke for me after all.

    Henry Loh

    Thank you Brian et al.!

    My last time of 68 looks like they never logged my rerun (when I had to stop for a novice cone worker who ran in front of me holding a rolled up flag…. :o/) . Doesn’t matter though since it wasn’t the fastest time I had. Thanks again to all for your work!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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