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    Brian Cheung
    Chris Fountain

    I really liked this course because it was such a challenge, but that last corner had my number. I just could not get the brake point. Not a single clean run and 19 cones in seven runs….. Arrrrg!

    Jack Yu

    Thanks Brian for the quick upload!

    FYI, Brian Pangrle was driving a Porsche 944, so should not be in B.

    Brian Cheung

    Is James driving Ryan’s car supposed to be in X class or gonzo?

    Jack Yu

    I think X since he was in a different run group and normally runs his own car.

    Timothy Woo

    Thanks Brian for the quick turnaround.

    Anyone – Curious where’s the TDS formula posted?

    Jeff Roberts

    Thanks for the quick turnaround Brian!

    TDS forumula can be found here:

    Suzette Pangrle was also driving an x-class Porsche Boxter… I suspect the number on her car was not the number in the classification data as she did not classify her car ahead of time. She should be found on the paper sheet right before Barry as they were parked next to each other.

    I had 1 cone on my 51.172 run, so 51.429 is my fastest run.

    Henry Loh was not registered, not sure why he’s showing up. We had someone like that last month too. Odd.

    Timothy Woo

    Thanks Jeff.
    So it’s been a long time since I did any advanced math…

    TDS Formula:
    adjustedTime = ((60/59.901) ^points) * realTime * 0.85

    What’s that sign “^”? I think it’s “to the power of”? Just to confirm.

    Jack Yu

    Yep, use the points of the car as the exponential

    Jeff McCormick

    Thanks Brian!

    I don’t think it changes the results, but I don’t think that Lauren had a cone on her best run of 51.4.

    Also, for those of is that are too lazy to do math, can someone post the TDS adjusted times for Gonzo?

    Thank you!


    Jack Yu

    Jeff, I did already, since I have a spreadsheet with the formula embedded in each row. So I just type in points and raw times:

    Adjusted time for Gonzo:
    Jack (47.817)
    Jeff M (48.344)
    Ryan (48.472)
    Matt (49.041)
    Jeff C (49.639)
    Baron (49.758)
    Lauren (50.521) (with cone not counted)
    John (51.770)

    Also, my second best time adjusted is 48.234, so it was very close until my last run, but the result would have been the same 🙂

    Brian’s adjusted time is a blistering: 46.477 !!!

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    Paul Berton

    That is even after Brian eat that huge burrito at lunch… great time!

    Brian Cheung

    Henry Loh probably got marked registered cuz his car number was accidentally entered into the computer during the runs.

    Brian Cheung

    Final results and standings are posted.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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