ax3 results, what’s taking so long?!?!

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    Mark Mervich

    Got your moneys worth out of those tires. I seldom got more that 6K miles and one season of autocross(20-25 events) on any street tires, but look where that got me 🙂

    Brad Vaughan

    I love the tires… Thats why I replaced with the exact same.. They are great on the road and good on the course..

    My wallet would prefer I get a set of 18″ wheels, so I have a cheaper range of even softer tires. Maybe next season if I can’t catch Mr Berton..

    Brian Cheung

    – results updated
    – final results posted
    – season points updated

    Brad Vaughan

    Should the season points include summing up the number of attendance (column K)..

    Rob Powers

    This season they started giving 1 point for participation, but I don’t think it was ever clarified whether you get that participation point in addition to the standing points (thereby making a first place 21 points instead of 20). I had assumed that the extra point only applied to people in positions 10+, so they’d get 1 point instead of 0.

    If that understanding is correct, then the spreadsheet should be tweaked to only sum from C to J for the season points, and to change the hard-coded 0 values to 1’s for those outside of position 10.

    If we are actually giving a bonus point to everyone who shows up, this should be clarified from the bosses (jeff/rodger) so everyone is on the same page.

    Rob Powers

    Congrats to Paul on another top TDS time this past month. You’re making us (well, me at least) look bad out there. 🙂

    Jeff Roberts

    I remember discussing this in a thread somewhere, but I’ll clarify here…

    Everyone gets 1 point for each event you participate in. The season standings column K (attendance) is the running total of the number of events you participated in. Attendance points are added to the points earned for the season, running total. Example…

    Rob takes first place at three events. He gets 60 points + 3 points for participation = 63 points.

    Any zeros in the Event column mean the person did not place in the top 10. A blank means the person did not participate in that event.

    Rob Powers

    Funny example. I’d be happy with a single first place this season…

    Brad Vaughan

    Cautiously I ask (expecting to be flamed);

    We are dropping our worst event, right ? If yes, do we also drop the attendance point, or do all attendance points get added.

    I think the answer is you keep the attendance point, because that is the reason for the points, but just checking.


    Jack Yu

    Attendance points aren’t dropped, only the worst score. If you miss an event or don’t place in the top 10, then you will drop a zero.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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