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    Brian Cheung

    [url=]verified preliminary results![/url]

    anyone know who #177 is? 177 is in the results but there is no 177 registered and the number isn’t taken in the classified cars list.


    Jack Yu

    It’s the silver Lotus Elise. From the pics of RG1, her regular number might be 77.

    Don Louv

    177 is Lead Foot Lulu. B)

    Jeff Roberts

    Yes. There was a glitch in the matrix so Linda was added in the morning.

    Thank you Brian for the quick turn around!

    Brian Cheung

    final results posted in the sticky thread with the heart!

    good job for Paul Berton on taking the top adjusted time!

    Paul Berton

    Thanks Brian! I felt like I had a 47.9 in there, but just could’t get it in under 48.

    And credit goes to Rob, he was right there as well, in a car he never drive before (well, he has a Blue 95).

    ricardo jamin

    I’m trying out some javascript graphing library just for fun and keeping my skill up to date.
    So I figured why not use our autocross results as dataset example.
    Not sure how useful it is but here it is.


    Michael Costa

    Nice bit of coding. It is quite useful as a visual comparison against the rest of the field. Now I can graphically see how much slower I am in both real and adjusted times.

    Mark Mervich

    Nice. Any significance to the different symbols and colors used?

    ricardo jamin

    the symbols and colors are random. just to make it easy to see when there are group of driver with similar points and time.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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