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    Brian Cheung

    Ok guys, I’m going to need your help on this. I got through run group 1 and run group 3. Run group 2 is a little hard to tell which times are correct. Hopefully after you guys chime in a few corrections, I can figure out where the offsets happened.

    For run group 1, I’m unsure about car # 412, 886, and 242. Please double check your times and let me know.

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    Dave Dunwoodie

    My 6th run should be 46.511, all others look accurate.

    Dave Dunwoodie

    Looks like the Corvette got my time on the 6th run.

    Paul Brancato

    My 5th run is incorrect. I didn’t save the time slips, but my 4th was my fastest. 5th seems like it was at least 51.5 or slower.

    Paul Brancato

    Mark Mervich

    Karlton had one wild final run! Way to drive!

    Timothy Woo


    Thanks for the quick turnaround on scores. My fastest time is CORRECT, so no issues there.
    Minor correction for my last run – I don’t think I hit a cone and my time slip did not have a cone recorded (not my fastest so doesn’t really matter).

    I noticed that Praneil’s times are under AAA, but should be X class because he drove his S2000.


    Hal Dorton

    Awesome job Dave, slow down and enjoy the drive like the rest of us.


    My 6th run (49.180) had a cone, unfortunately!

    Also, the 2nd place in AA looks a bit fast in the 3rd run.

    Rob Powers

    It looks like the new folks did a great job with pulling their times down over the course of their runs. Congrats!

    No surprise: AAA is going to be pretty competitive this year. The top 4 times (excluding Praneil) were separated by only a 10th each.

    My best run was my first official run. I was just completely unable to get faster than that after. I’m definitely not familiar yet with the handling of the updated suspension on my car.

    Can’t wait for next month!

    David Bashford

    My times are correct (242)

    Frank Tsai

    Dear Brian,

    Thank you for the result. I am #412 and here are my result from the post it notes, and I think my best run is #7 (52.281). Thanks again!

    #1 54.569
    #2 56.437
    #3 54.576
    #4 53.258
    #5 52.933
    #6 52.706
    #7 52.281

    2012 135i

    Jeff McCormick

    My best time was a 48.845, and seems to be missing.

    Thank you,

    Jeff #6…

    Stephen Kolesar

    My best time was a 49.749 clean. #280

    Jack Yu


    Ryan Rich wasn’t running in Gonzo this week. He was using Jeff Roberts AA car in the 3rd run group. So it should be “N” or “AA” if he wants to have points in AA.

    Tim Huang (listed in B) was driving his X-class Porsche cayman, which makes Tony and his wagon the winner!

    Paul Betancourt

    First timed event for me. Was awesome to see all of you just laying it down and cutting time as if it was butter!


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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