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    Jeff Roberts

    GGC’s Car Control Clinic annual instructor meeting will be held at 11:00am Saturday 3/9/13 at Round Table Pizza in San Mateo. This is an excellent opportunity for our Autocross coaches to meet and share teaching techniques and brainstorm ideas.

    If you are an intermediate/experienced autocrosser interested in coaching, please get in touch. Sharing your knowledge with new folks is a very rewarding experience and I encourage you to get involved in this way.

    If you are one of our regular coaches, or wish to be added to the meeting roster, please contact me and I’ll ensure you receive an invitation.

    Questions? Post them here!

    Eric Ries

    Hey Jeff, I’d like to come, i have the CnC south bay from 9-12 on the 9th though. Any thoughts on moving the time up a bit? I don’t want to make it a huge inconvenience if it’s too much to ask.

    Jeff Roberts

    I’ll get a read on the timetable for the meeting. Last year we did the instructor training part after lunch – might just work out perfectly for you. I’ll encourage them to do it that way this time too.

    Mark Mervich

    Count me in, and I concur, coaching is very rewarding.

    James Keane

    I have a service appointment at the house in the morning, but if it finishes up quickly then I will be there. Count me in for coaching again this season.

    Jeff Roberts

    The agenda will be new instructor training first, lunch, then Advanced CCC discussion. Even if you can’t make the start, you may enjoy the second half discussion too. There aren’t too many new instructors coming so we’re going to focus on the new program mostly this time.

    Canyon has the names of folks who replied to me and should be adding you to the roster or sending you an invitation from MSR.

    art kauffman

    Hi Jeff

    I think I’d like to come to the coaches session. You always seem to benefit by learning how to teach.


    I think I’ve got all of you registered in MSR for this Saturday. You should have gotten an email “receipt” from MSR, if I did it correctly. 🙂

    Michael Kolesar

    I would love to go but I have other obligations for that Saturday that I cannot get out of. Maybe next year.

    Paul Berton

    Changing front rotors Saturday.. lots of vibration on braking at Laguna Seca last Friday..

    Dave Dunwoodie

    It’s possible that’s just uneven brakepad deposits on your rotors. Scuff up the rotors and see if the vibration goes away.

    Paul Berton

    Yes, I suspect that, but want to change to slotted anyway.. give me an excuse.. 😉

    Rob Powers

    Hey Paul,

    If you do go the ‘scuff’ approach, do not use aluminum oxide sandpaper since it will interact with the metal of the rotor. Stick with garnet. And a sanding block.

    Of course to do that right you really need to unmount the rotors anyway so you can get to the back side of them. If you already have the new rotors in-hand already, it may not be worth the hassle.


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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