Autocross #5 Photos and Videos

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    Ches Koblents

    I just started sorting the photos I took during run 2, but here’s the one that was most asked for:

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    Dave Dunwoodie

    That looks like about 3″ before someone went through a wall of cones at the finish? 😉


    Can you share all of the photos?

    Teddy Framhein

    Here’s a video! My fastest run (not without mistakes, but I was satisfied with it) followed by my throwaway drifty last run.

    Andy Echenique

    Video of my best run (50.5)

    Also, of a slide into the kinked slalom

    Awesome course!

    Ches Koblents

    I haven’t sorted any of the photos, or really done anything beyond a basic profile. If you were in run group 2, I hope I got a decent photo of you. Enjoy!

    zip file: 162 megabytes of photos

    If you want full res, just ask. They’re like 30MB each, which is why I uploaded the small versions. Feel free to email me if you prefer, I probably don’t check this site terribly often – ches.koblents at gmail dot com.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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