7/14/2012 – Test & Tune Video/Pics

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    Eric Ries

    Post your pics and video!!

    Run 1 (I stop towards the beginning for some craziness in the figure 8)

    Run 2:

    Run 3:

    Run 4:

    Run 5: (Figure 8, I make some of my own tire smoke)


    Ronan’s go in my e46:

    Eric’s run:

    My last run – best time but a little goof at the end:

    Blooper reel:


    Ok that didn’t work so well – i’ll fix later 🙂

    Jeff Roberts

    [quote]Run 5: (Figure 8, I make some of my own tire smoke)[/quote]

    I love how the tire smoke drifts in thru the driver window and out the passenger side.

    Jeff Roberts

    Nice hand work you guys! As CCC graduates, it’s great to see that.


    Here are some of mine from messing around on the skidpad. I have an external view of an Auto-x run too, haven’t edited it yet though.

    Jack Yu

    Cool videos! What a great event that was! Lots of seat time for everyone, people switching cars, coaching or riding, it was a BLAST! Thank you Jeff for organizing this and all the people that came early to set-up as well those who stayed to pack up!

    Jack Yu
    Eric Ries

    nice pics! can you send the CnC ones to Kelly Kirkland to see if she wants to put any in the bombe?

    Jeff Roberts


    Damn, that was a fun three runs! That car has it all… exceptional handling, go power, and stop power. Thanks Dave!

    Thanks Jack, and to all of you who stuck around to help pack up at the end of the day. Setting up in the morning when you’re fresh is one thing… packing up at the end of the day when you’re wiped out is quite another. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate your help!

    Paul Oeschger

    Thanks for a great Test & Tune day! It was the first time I attended one, and I loved it. So much driving time! It’s a great way to practice, and I look forward to seeing if it makes any difference in my driving next weekend at Candlestick.

    I’m attaching one interesting photo that I took. I love this “carpool lane sticker.”


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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