7/13 ax4 verified results

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    Brian Cheung

    got it done!

    [url=http://xmdforum.com/brian/2013-AX4-ProvisionalResults.htm]verified results[/url]

    Christian Duvivier

    Jeff (car 6) was driving matt’s car (14). His times should be in gonzo and not AAA.

    Gurinder Singh

    Thank you. Had been checking the forum for results every other hour since 07/13 🙂

    Memet Aytolu


    Barry Twycross

    I’m surprised to see that Cathy’s best run (her 3rd, 43.062) is credited with +1 cone. Looking at the video (around 0:45 in) I do see a downed cone at the track out point of the final corner, and she didn’t get close to any other cones. I’m wondering if she got credited with someone else’s cone. I’m assuming if that’s the case its just a bad break and nothing could be done about it.

    Jack Yu

    Thanks a lot Brian for the quick turnaround, especially for fixing a lot of the times in the computer. There’s something going on with Charles Kaehler’s time, it’s showing a time not listed in his 7 runs. Weird!

    Jeff Roberts

    Ditto… thanks for the quick turnaround!

    A few minor corrections I noticed…

    #950 should be Susan, not Susam (my typo)
    #951 Tyler T was driving a 2004 M3 Convertible 19in wheels, David Bristow’s car
    #212 and 158 were driving a 2007 Porsche Boxster S
    #505 was driving a 2013 Chevrolet Grand Sport

    Matthew Visser

    [quote=”cduv” post=1751]Jeff (car 6) was driving matt’s car (14). His times should be in gonzo and not AAA.[/quote]

    This was also true for last month as well.

    Brian Cheung

    updated with corrections.

    anything else?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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