4/22 Preliminary Results

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    Brian Cheung
    Ryan Rich

    Thanks for the fast turn around!!!

    Bill Richter

    That was quick! 🙂

    QQ: What is PAX?

    Brian Stanaway

    Hey Bill, PAX stands for adjusted time, not sure what the acronym actually means but there it is.

    I believe the system we use has the capability to automatically adjust times as they get read in, makes perfect sense for SCCA where they only run about ~30 classes with distinct adjustments (all DS cars have an adjustment of 0.801 for instance whether it’s a Camaro or WRX or E36) but the way GGC does adjustments would probably not play well with the system. (I.e. a B class car with 41 points has a different adjusted time to a B class car with 49 points, so really GGC would have 50+ different adjustments to account for)

    I think you could create separate classes for each point classification so we could see TDS times at the event, but I have a hunch that would ruin the nifty thing it does now when you pull up AAA to see how everyone is doing in class. So as it stands the PAX is identical to the raw/overall times.

    Maybe it’s a possibility that could be used at the TDS, but the staff have enough on their hands as it is, no need to make more work for them by manually creating 50 some odd classes and assigning 60 drivers to their points class. 🙂

    Jeff Roberts

    The software we use is SCCA/PAX centric and currently cannot apply our TDS formula.

    PAX is a simple multiplier, whereas our forumla requires the individual’s points to be applied. The team is working on the code to try to update it to show TDS adjusted times.

    Brian Cheung

    Verified! Refresh the results page

    Couple of corrections I need to make in final results,

    1. Harminder’s first run is a practice run and does not count as his fastest.
    2. Tim Uptegrove’s 43.xxx is probably an error.

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    Tim Uptegrove

    I just now saw the results page. You are correct, the 43.xxx time is a DNF. I left the course and did not return to where I left it.
    I would like to think I beat Dave Sparks by 6 seconds but it didn’t happen.

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