2017 Dec Fun Run vids and pics

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    Paul Berton

    Here is my fastest run, 49.587 (wink @ Jack)

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    Eric Lam

    Wow thats crazy sounding!

    Jack Yu

    Nice run Paul!

    I blame my car being longer…those cones came out of nowhere!

    Markus Lewtschuk

    Here’s one of my runs. LSD made a huge difference!

    Dave Dunwoodie

    Now looking at my afternoon TDS times, I was 2 seconds quicker this weekend. How did others compare?

    Nigel Mott

    Hey Dave. I know Chris Fountain was 3.5 secs faster. It was around 2 seconds for me. I guess we all got smarter since TDS….

    Joking apart it has to be differences in the course. It’s hard to assign the delta to things such as temperature. I think Chris mentioned the finish was in a different location and I found the kink prior to the big sweeper at the far end much easier than TDS.

    Andy Echenique

    Attaching my best run of 50.91. Can’t comment on TDS time comparison due to driving different cars.

    Looking forward driving with you all in 2018

    Nigel Mott

    Weren’t you stuck with some old, fat, hooptie of a BMW at TDS…. 😉

    Hoping to reclaim my 2/10th of a second from you at 2018 TDS. Well driven, Sir!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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