2017 Autocross Calendar

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    Jeff Roberts

    UPDATE: The FAA has approved our Marina dates. Calendar below.

    Folks –
    As per usual, we await approval of the Marina Motorsports use permit by the FAA. While we wait, here are the dates we were able to get… subject to change once all of the driving event coordinators meet together later this month.

    The team will meet within the next 8 weeks and discuss other possible venues like Crows Landing and the Stockton Fairgrounds to add to the calendar.

    Date Event
    2/25/17 & 2/26/17 AX School/Fun Run
    03/18/17 CCC
    03/25/17 AX TnT
    04/22/17 AX1
    05/06/17 CCC
    05/13/17 AX2
    6/3/17 AX3
    06/18/17 CCC
    7/8/17 & 7/9/17 AX4 & CCC
    08/12/17 AX5
    09/10/17 CCC
    09/23/17 AX6
    10/14/17 AX7
    10/21/17 CCC
    11/04/17 OR 11/05/17 TDS (NOTE DATE SWITCH PENDING)
    11/18/2017 & 11/19/2017 TDS & CCC
    12/9/17 & 12/10/17 AIT/AX Fun Run

    Henry Loh

    Ohh, I get to be the first spaz that says, “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

    Thank you as always, Jeff et al. I’ll start planning my travel.

    Justin Tsang

    Thanks Jeff

    Ryan Rich

    The March CCC and Autocross have switched dates. I have updated the orignal post to reflect this update.


    What is the “AIT” on December 9 before the fun run?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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