2016 Autocross School – Results

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    Jeff Roberts

    I’ve posted the results from the 2016 Autocross School at Marina. We had some minor down time, so some runs were missed and I see some errors, but overall they look pretty good.

    Everyone did fantastic and showed improvement throughout the day. It just goes to show there is a lot to be gained from repetition and practice!


    What an awesome weekend! Thanks to all who joined us for our first events of 2016!!


    On the Overall page you could see that the top 4 entries are obvious errors, with times below 20 seconds. I’m just pointing this out, not that it matters.

    Jeff Roberts

    Yup… looks like someone walked thru the finish timer or something. Not to worry… at a competition event, this stuff gets corrected immediately.

    Lorin Frank

    Best weekend ever, just a great event. Well organized, thanks to everyone involved.

    Dmitry Semibratov


    does axti charge for results posting ? It would be nice to see last Sunday Fun 2X results, if those are free.

    Thanks !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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