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    Jeff Roberts

    Hello GGC Autocrossers! We are fast approaching our season opener (OK, we had it 2 months ago), so the time is now to publish event information. Please read thru the below info and let us know if you have any questions.

    Autocross Team
    Coordinators: Jeff Roberts, Ryan Rich, Jack Yu
    Course Designer: Dave Sparks
    Timing & Scoring: Brian Cheung
    Rig Driver: Michael Kolesar
    Chief Scrutineer: Al Kaehler

    Program Changes
    Since we got an early start on regular season events, we’ve decided to include 8 competition events this year. In addition, we’re holding our first-ever Beginner Autocross School in July and a mid-season Test & Tune as well. We’ll also be trying out two new-to-us venues: San Jose Flea Market and Crows Landing. The full schedule is posted in a separate thread.

    Classification System

    The Classification System is now open. If you had a car classified in 2014, your original car number and classification has been preserved. Please verify all of your car data is accurate before your first 2015 event with us.

    If you’re new to GGC autocross and need to create an account, you may do so at ggcbmwcca.org or at the landing page for the online classification system.

    Access the online classification system here: http://www.ggcbmwcca.org/autocross/
    Access the Classification System FAQ here: http://ggcbmwcca.org/driving-events/autocross/autocross-classification-system-faq/

    The online classification system will close at Noon on the Wednesday prior to each event and will reopen at 6pm after the event has finished. You may make changes to your classification or car number at any time before the next event.

    NOTE: When you create an account at Motorsportreg.com you’re asked to also create a car profile. This profile is separate and not associated with the GGC online classification system. You must create a car classification in our online system before registering for our events at Motorsportreg.com (MSR).

    NOTE: If you do not classify your vehicle before the close of registration, you will be placed in the non-compete class for that event and may end up in a random run group. You will not be permitted to classify at the event and run in a different group when you fail to classify before the event. If it works out that your assigned run group is the same as the group your class is running, no harm no foul.

    2015 GGC Autocross Classification System Documentation

    Find the data and information that drives the classification system here:


    Change Log:
    – 2015 BMW and MINI Models Added
    – Unused numbers freed up

    If you have any issues accessing the classification system, logging in to ggcbmwcca.org, or with your default car number in MSR, please contact us at autocross@ggcbmwcca.org.

    2015 Event Registration & Policies

    Insurance Waivers
    Insurance waiver signatures will be collected at the gate and wristbands will be handed out upon entry to the facility where the event is held. All vehicle occupants will be required to sign the BMW CCA insurance waiver, and a Marina Motorsports specific waiver for events at Marina.

    Everyone onsite will be required to wear a wristband as proof we have a waiver on file for you. Failure to comply with this mandatory policy may result in immediate removal from the site and no refund will be provided.

    If you have minors with you, and this includes any person or child under the age of 18 in your car, a minor waiver will be required for each. Instructions and forms for completing the minor waiver can be found here:


    If you arrive at the event with minors in tow and do not have a completed minor waiver for each of them, you can complete one on site.

    Event pricing for regular season Marina events remains the same at $50 plus $5 for an optional lunch. Cost for the season end Top Driver Shootout and catered BBQ will be $70 with additional BBQ lunches available for $25 each. Pricing for the Beginner Autocross School and Crows Landing events are TBD at the time of this posting.

    A limited quantity of loaner helmets is available free of charge.

    Motorsportreg Registration
    Our first regular season event is on Saturday February 28, 2015 at Marina. Registration will open on Monday February 2, 2015. Registrations for subsequent events will open the Monday after the current event. Registration for the current event will close the Wednesday before the event at Noon.

    Your 2014 car numbers are still available at Motorsportreg.com (MSR) and linked to your account. When you register for a GGC autocross event, your current car number will be pre-loaded for you. If you’re new or you’ve changed your car number in the classification system and your default number no longer matches, simply select your new number from the drop-down to change your default car number.

    During online registration, you will be asked to provide additional information including, but not limited to:

    • What is your autocross experience level?
    • Would you like a driver coach?
    • Sharing a car with someone?
    • Are you or someone you’re bringing under the age of 18?
    • Would you like something announced at the event?
    • Any additional information to provide?

    Drivers age 65 or older will check a box and let us know if they would like to drive in run group 1. You’ll also have a slot to let us know if you’d like to work even though not required.

    The text of the actual insurance waiver you will sign is included on the MSR registration page and you must check a box indicating you “have read, understood, and agree to limit your rights as defined in the waiver” to complete your registration.

    We will again be limiting each event to 100 drivers (except the top driver shootout, which will be limited to less). Cancellation policy remains unchanged. You have until noon on the Wednesday prior to the event day to cancel with a small cancellation fee. You may cancel your registration via motorsportreg.com and we are automatically informed of your cancellation.

    If you cancel after the close of registration or you do not show up, no refund or credit will be given.

    If you are on the wait list, you will be notified prior to 5pm on Wed before the event if you got in. If you do not receive an email by then you may assume that you did not get in. If you are on the waitlist and want to be taken off, you should cancel just as you would if you were registered for the event. If you do not cancel, you may find you got in and your credit card will be automatically charged.

    Passengers and Coaching
    First-timers and novice drivers will be required to have a club provided coach and get signed off to drive solo or to take passengers.

    If you are an experienced autocrosser and would like to be a coach, please write us and let us know. We will be glad to add you to the roster and have you share your experience. You will be trained by an experience coach or coordinator prior to your first session of coaching.

    Buddy System
    We want new folks to experience the GGC Difference™ so we’re again using the Buddy System for the 2015 season. For folks joining us for the very first time, one of our experienced autocrossers will contact you prior to the event to introduce themselves and arrange to meet you when you arrive at the event. We don’t expect you to hold hands all day, but your buddy will be there to introduce you around, answer any questions, and ensure you’re comfortable with everything that’s going on. This feature of our program has been well received in previous years.

    If you’re interested in volunteering to be a Buddy, please let us know.

    Event Day
    Event check-in, donut eating, run stickers, worker assignments, and helmet checks will be done at the trailer as usual.

    All participants will park in the indicated paddock area, not near the trailer. Only Staff are permitted to park their cars near the trailer.

    Tech Inspections
    Tech inspections will be performed at each event by trained inspectors. Plan to arrive as early as possible so your car can be checked and signed off prior to the driver meeting.

    Spectators & Guests
    Accompanied guests are welcome, but registered participants are responsible for ensuring their guest enter before 8:30am to sign the waivers and obtain a wristband AND attend the mandatory meeting at 9am AND honor all the GGC guidelines.

    Spectator Areas
    We provide only TWO safe areas for spectating: The paddock and the area around the trailer outlined with lime green cones. You may not stand or spectate anywhere else on site. Do not stand/congregate/set up chairs/tripods in the pre-grid area, do not stand in any “No Parking/No Standing” zone. Failure to comply with these rules will get you ejected from the event and you may be black-listed from attending any future events.

    Photography & Videography
    The BMWCCA is a private organization, which requires all participants of our events to be members of the club. Since events are not open to the public and all activities that take place at our events are private, under no circumstances will we allow anyone to film or photograph any activity for commercial use. We welcome members to take photos to share with other members or for personal use only. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the coordinators. Photography is only allowed in spectator areas described above. Small video cameras are allowed if they are securely attached to the car.

    Points and Scoring
    We will be continuing with the “drop your lowest point event” concept for 2015. If you skip an event or have a bad day, your lowest point event will automatically be dropped from your total points for the season.

    Everyone receives one attendance point per event you participate in.

    The first ten placing competitors in each class at each event will receive additional points based on this schedule:

    First Place: 20 points
    Second Place: 15 points
    Third Place: 11 points
    Fourth Place: 8 points
    Fifth Place: 6 points
    Sixth Place: 5 points
    Seventh Place: 4 points
    Eighth Place: 3 points
    Ninth Place: 2 points
    Tenth Place: 1 point

    Class trophies for the three top point earners in each class will be awarded at the end of the season. Event Results and Season Standings will be updated and posted after each event to our forum and the GGC website here:


    Running Out Of Group

    To earn points towards a trophy in your class, you must drive with the rest of your class at each event. If you run out of group at an event, you will not receive any points for that event. You will be automatically classified as “N” or non-compete for that event.

    Official Runs & Fun Runs
    We will try to give 6-8 runs per event (depends on course length and registration count). This year we hope to have time for fun runs after most events (although that is tough on Sundays).

    We will continue having only 1 practice run. So, all those people who always have their second run as the fastest should be very happy. You should also be getting better, not worse, as the day goes on… but at least now that early run time will count.

    Top Driver Shootout Eligibility (TDS)
    We will be requiring participation in at least three regular season competition events to compete for the Fechner Cup at the season end Top Driver Shootout. Fun run events, Test & Tunes, and autocross schools do not count towards this requirement. TDS rules and eligibility requirements will be posted to the forum prior to opening registration for the TDS event sometime in October.


    Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing all of you this season! If you have any questions or comments, please post to this thread or write us at autocross@ggcbmwcca.org.

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