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    Jeff Roberts

    2013 was an awesome season thanks to everyone’s passion and dedication for this thing we have going here at the GGC. Buddies, coaches, and tech inspectors had a hugely positive impact on our success!

    We’re looking to grow our pool of folks willing to help out with these very important roles, so if you want to join in the fun, please get in touch with us.

    A buddy is someone willing to pair up with new person prior to their first event with us. Buddies make contact via e-mail, answer questions, generate excitement, and show the new person why our program is special. You’ll meet up with your newb at the event, help them get their car ready for tech, introduce them around, make sure they make the morning meeting and make sure they’re ready for the work/driving sessions. New folks really appreciate having a new friend to meet at their first event.

    One of our major value adds over other clubs is our dedication to teaching. We believe this is one of the reasons we sold out our events in 2013. Coaching will be your work assignment for the event.

    Being a coach is rewarding and fun! If you’re a regular, experienced autocrosser, and want to be added to the coaching pool, let’s talk. We provide one coach for every two racers who request coaching and nearly 40% of our attendees take coaches along.

    Some time in January or February, the Car Control Clinic program will hold their annual instructor meeting. Our coaches are welcome and encouraged to attend as we brainstorm on teaching techniques to help each other be effective and improve each year. They are also always on the lookout for new instructors and this is a good way to meet the team and learn more about the CCC program too.

    Tech Inspector
    Tech inspectors arrive early to the events and inspect all of the cars racing that day to ensure they are safe. It’s not difficult and we have several experienced TI’s to train you. Being a TI fulfills your work assignment for the event.

    Interested? Reply to this thread or write us directly at autocross @ ggcbmwcca . org and let us know. Get involved… it’s fun!

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    Troy Yoshinaga

    Hi Jeff,
    I would be interested in volunteering for Tech Inspection for the events in Marina. I am going to try to come to most of the events depending on my schedule. You can let me know.


    Keep me signed up for Tech :=)
    Can also be a buddy from time to time.

    Timothy Woo

    You can put me down for coaching for the newbies.

    Barry Twycross

    How early do you need to be there for tech? We usually only make it to Marina by 8:30 or so. I do tech for the SCCA.

    Jeff Roberts

    Tech starts at 7:30… takes a while to get thru 100 cars.

    Bob Dooley

    Jeff: Since I live 10 minutes from Marina, I can be available for whatever you need. Obviously not Coach (maybe next season!) but anything else that you need.

    ricardo jamin


    you can sign me up as tech again this year.

    Jeff Roberts

    Thanks guys!

    Athena Brekke

    Hey Jeff-

    Happy to help out as a buddy, sign me up!


    Brendan Pramono

    Count me in for being a buddy too! I signed up quite late last season, so I was unable to help around. Looking forward to trying to help someone feel welcomed into the AX family!

    – Brendan

    Chris Fountain


    I’d be interested in being a buddy.



    I wanna do both, coaching and buddy!

    Jeff McCormick

    HI Jeff, I am happy to continue coaching, it is a blast to watch new students improve.


    Test post.

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