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    Jeff Roberts

    [b]TDS 2013 is Saturday 11/2 at Marina![/b]

    Top Driver Shootout is about BMWs and MINIs competing for the coveted Fechner Cup, but it’s also about celebrating the season end with a catered BBQ to thank you, our valued members, for making our 2013 autocross season as awesome as it was.

    Because this event has a special format, we will limit the count to 60 drivers. No passengers or coaching will be permitted. Full disclosure of the rules and format will be sent to you in the invite e-mail later this week..

    [b]TDS Eligibility [/b]
    You are eligible to attend the TDS event if you participated in at least three 2013 regular season events (April 20 – October 12), even if you drove an X class car. Pre-season events do not count towards this requirement..

    You must drive a BMW or Mini to compete for the Fechner Cup Trophy. If we do not sell out, we will allow Non-BMWs to come and drive for fun.

    You will be receiving an e-mail with details about the event and a private link to register in MSR.

    Eligibility List [/b]
    These are the folks who participated in at least three events in the 2013 season. The number in parens is the number of events we believe you came to. If you are not on this list and you think you should be, please notify me and I’ll look into it further..

    Alexander, Dillon (4)
    Alexander, Jason (4)
    Aytolu, Memet (6)
    Ball, Rodger (6)
    Bashford, David (4)
    Berton, Paul (6)
    Brancato, Paul (4)
    Brekke, Athena (4)
    Burke, Justin (7)
    Calayag, Anthony (3)
    Campbell, Fred (7)
    Cheung, Brian (4)
    Cheung, Eric (4)
    Chiang, Chu (6)
    Chuck, Brian (3)
    Costa, Michael (3)
    Cowan, Jeff (6)
    Crownover, Daniella (5)
    Daniels, Andrew (6)
    Davis, Charlie (4)
    Devlin, David (6)
    Digiovanni, Marc (6)
    Dooley, Robert (6)
    Dorton, Diane (4)
    Dorton, Hal (4)
    Dunn, Ian (4)
    Dunwoodie, Dave (7)
    Duvivier, Christian (6)
    Ehni, Jane (4)
    Ehni, John (4)
    Eikenberry, Jeff (5)
    Ferullo, William (4)
    Fountain, Chris (6)
    Gardiner, Bob (3)
    Garger, Baron (6)
    Gerstner, Nick (5)
    Gleason, Dana (6)
    Herbert, Brandon (4)
    Huang, Tim (6)
    Hunt, Stephen (3)
    Jagodic, Ratko (5)
    Jamin, Ricardo (6)
    Johnson, Michael (5)
    Kaehler, Al (7)
    Karapetyan, Alexander (7)
    Kauffman, Art (3)
    Keane, James (5)
    Khosravi, Pardis (6)
    Kim, John (4)
    Kingsfather, Jacob (5)
    Koenig, Johann (3)
    Kolesar, Michael (7)
    Kolesar, Stephen (6)
    Lam, Eric (5)
    Lew, Karlton (5)
    Li, Nick (4)
    Loh, Henry (5)
    Maddineni, Kranthi (4)
    Maguire, Austin (7)
    Maguire, Ross (3)
    McCormick, Jeff (6)
    McCormick, Lauren (3)
    McLane, Sterling (3)
    Mercado, Joe (6)
    Merritt, Joseph (4)
    Mervich, Mark (5)
    Mestetsky, Alexandr (4)
    Nugent, Paul (4)
    Oates, Cliff (7)
    Oeschger, Paul (5)
    OMahony, Ronan (7)
    Parsons, Brock (4)
    Penhollow, Tammy (4)
    Petrie, Jared (4)
    Powers, Rob (4)
    Pramono, Brendan (5)
    Prasad, Praneil (5)
    Predescu, Ovidiu (3)
    Reitmeir, Eric (3)
    Reitmeir, Jeff (5)
    Rich, Matthew (3)
    Rich, Ryan (6)
    Ries, Eric (6)
    Roberts, Jeff (7)
    Samaha, Raymond (3)
    Shadle, Brian (5)
    Singh, Gurinder (5)
    Slingerland, James (3)
    Smead, Chris (6)
    Smith, Steven (6)
    Soto, Rafael (4)
    Sparks, Dave (5)
    Toups, Des (4)
    Tsai, Frank (4)
    Tsang, Justin (5)
    Tsang, Mack (5)
    Tsukamoto, James (3)
    Twycross, Barry (3)
    Uptegrove, Tim (5)
    Visser, Matthew (6)
    Wong, Tony (3)
    Woo, Timothy (4)
    Yilmaz, Utku (5)
    Yoshinaga, Troy (3)
    Yu, Jack (7)
    Zhao, Jason (4)

    David Devlin

    I have been into the MotorReg site and it is not posted there …. I don’t want to get shut out … am I looking in the wrong area … HELP !!!!

    Dave Devlin

    Andy Daniels

    I used the direct link in yesterday’s e-mail invitation and didn’t have any problems. Try that.

    David Devlin

    Could I have someone send me that email from yesterday, with the link, to me again … davedevlin1@hotmail.com

    The one I got from yesterday has disappeared … maybe it’s my computer…I’ll try it again.

    Thanks …. Dave

    Barry Twycross

    The rate of entries is slowing down. There were 19 entries at 12:05, up to 34 now 14 in the following 70 mins.


    I am having the same problem. Used the link from the invitation email, registered for the event, got the confirmation, but my name is not showing in the list of attendees..

    Jeff Roberts

    You are looking at the wrong event. You will see TWO events in your dashboard on MSR.

    BMWCCA-GGC Autocross – Top Driver Shootout 2013
    This is the event you registered for and it will be yellow and show a status of “New” until I confirm you.This event is hidden, so anyone trying to register who did not click on the link in the invitation e-mail WILL NOT SEE IT available. This is an invite only event, so you MUST click the link in the e-mail.

    Invite For Top Driver Shootout 2013
    This is a dummy event I created so I could e-mail all of the eligible folks using MSR. You will not see a list of registered people. It too will show a status of “New” but you cannot interact with it because it’s a dummy event. I cannot make it invisible to you because you’re on the list for it. Fugetaboutit!!

    Jeff Roberts

    Also, if you are an x-class driver and do not have a BMW buddy to let you co-drive their car at the event, you may sign up as a non-driver and join us for the bbq lunch. If we do not sell all of the 60 driver spots, I will contact all of the non-driver guests in the order you registered and ask if you’d like to come and drive for fun. I’ll fill the spots until we have 60 drivers.

    Last season we allowed non-BMWs to come for fun from the start, but that was because participation was way down. This season was much the opposite so we went back to the original formula for the TDS. I hope our x-class folks understand.

    David Devlin

    I was able to get in and register … problem was my computer, not the MotorReg site.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone. Happy Hallowen !!!


    Charlie Davis

    I got the invite. I couldn’t break away from work all day, came home just now, and couldn’t find the e-mail with the link. Finally found it. Got in with 8 to spare… I need to consolidate e-mail addresses!


    Dave Dunwoodie

    [quote=”CharlieDavis” post=2057]I got the invite. I couldn’t break away from work all day, came home just now, and couldn’t find the e-mail with the link. Finally found it. Got in with 8 to spare… I need to consolidate e-mail addresses!

    Charlie, I forwarded the invite to you.

    Jeff Roberts

    Sold out all 60 driver spots in 19 hours! WOW!!! You guys ROCK!!!

    If you didn’t make it, please sign up and get on the wait list. We have unlimited non-driver spots, so if you want to come hang out and enjoy the BBQ and awards presentations during lunch, sign up and come join us.

    If you were not on the eligibility list and would like to join us for BBQ, email autocross @ ggcbmwcca dot org and let us know.

    Thanks to everyone for your support! November 2nd can’t get here fast enough!!

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