2012 TDS Course Design

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    Jeff Roberts


    It’s ready… but you can’t see it until Saturday morning! I can tell you it has a slalom and a bunch of corners and will be run in three different configurations.

    I will have enough printouts for everyone, so visual folks don’t panic.

    Jack Yu

    A slalom and a bunch of corners….THANKS JEFF THAT WAS USEFUL! 👿

    Dave Dunwoodie

    Show up early to help with course setup and you’ll learn a lot more. 😛

    Jeff Roberts

    Oh, and a nice straight for you horsepower guys.

    Dave makes a very valid point.

    Brad Vaughan

    I think you forgot. There is a start and a finish line.. :silly:


    Jeff Roberts

    People! As much as I appreciate your bribe offers, I cannot accept them in exchange for a peek at the course designs. They are printed and secured in a hermetically sealed envelope. All electronic copies have been destroyed.

    Some food for thought as you anticipate tomorrow….

    Slow in, Fast Out; Fast in, Spin Out

    Eyes up!

    Squeeze the throttle on, squeeze the throttle off

    Smooth release brake – every time!

    And for you fuel level game players… make sure you have enough to get thru at least 8 runs + 3 more if you qualify for the Shootout round. And for your trip back in to town after the event.

    Brad Vaughan

    I heard it was a hermetically sealed test tube (drug mule vintage).

    Whoever wants first view of the course will need to extract it 😉

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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