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    Jeff Roberts

    [b]Classification System[/b]
    The [url=http://autox.ggcbmwcca.org/]classification system[/url] is now open. No classification changes have been made for 2012 except to add information for new models. As a result, all of your classifications from last year remain unchanged. Unused driver numbers were freed up, so if you’d like to change your number, visit the classification system and make your updates.

    [b]2012 Registration & Policies[/b]
    Our first regular event of the season is on Saturday April 14, 2012 at Marina. Registration will open on Monday March 12th. Registrations for subsequent events will open the Monday after the current autox. For example, registration for the May event will open on Monday April 16th.

    Event pricing remains the same: $50 plus $5 for lunch (optional).

    We will ask registrants for their experience level during online registration. Inexperienced participants will be required to have a club provided coach and get signed off to drive solo.

    We will continue to allow passengers, except with first timers/inexperienced participants.

    Tech inspections will be performed at each event by trained inspectors. Plan to arrive as early as possible so your car can be checked and signed off prior to the driver meeting.

    Registration will be done at the trailer as it always has been. Every person on site is required to sign the waiver(s) and obtain a wrist band. If you bring a guest or expect one to arrive at some point during the day, it is your responsibility to make sure they register at the trailer and obtain a wrist band. No one will be allowed to remain on site without a wrist band.

    We will be enforcing the buddy system for all photographers unless they are shooting from a designated viewing area.

    We will be reintroducing the “drop your lowest point event” concept for 2012. If you skip an event or have a bad day, your lowest point event will automatically be dropped from your total points for the season.

    We will again be limiting each event to 100 drivers (except the top driver shootout, which will be limited to less). Cancellation policy remains unchanged. You have until noon on the Wed prior to the event day to cancel. All credit cards are charged on Wednesday at noon for confirmed attendees and no refunds will be given once that happens. You may cancel you registration via motorsportreg.com and we are automatically informed of your cancellation.

    If you are on the wait list, you will be notified prior to 5pm on Wed before the event if you got in. If you do not receive an email by then you can assume that you did not get in. If you are on the waitlist and want to be taken off you should cancel just as you would if you were registered for the event. If you do not then you may find you got in and your credit card automatically charged.

    We will try to have 7 or 8 runs per event (depends on course length). This year we hope to have time for fun runs after most events (although that is tough on Sundays).

    We will continue having only 1 practice run. So for all those people who always have their second run as the fastest should be very happy. You should also be getting better, not worse, as the day goes on… but at least now that early run time will count.

    Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing all of you this season! If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

    Jeff & Rodger


    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the great write up. It’ll make it much easier for me once the actual autocross starts. I just had one question regarding the “club provided coach.” So the April 14 autocross will be my first ever racing experience. I have never been on a track or to an autocross event, so I guess I’ll be getting the club provided coach. How does that work? Do I need to ask for one before hand, do they just sit next to me, etc.? Thanks in advance.

    Jeff Roberts

    Good question! We’ve always offered coaches, but this season we’re putting a little formality around it so we can better serve our participants.

    During online registration for the event you will choose your experience level as “first-timer.” At the event we’ll make sure you get a coach. We may give you one coach for your entire session or rotate thru a couple different coaches depending on how things go. We’re going to follow the example of our Car Control program where we try to mix it up with different instructors so you benefit from different teaching styles. Some people relate better to one person, so we’ll tailor the coaching to what’s working for you.

    Anyone wishing to have a coach may request one during registration too by answering yes to the “want a coach?” question. This will ensure I have enough coaches assigned for each run group and that everyone who wants one gets one.

    If you have not signed up for the March 3rd Car Control Clinic (CCC), seriously consider doing so. It’s an excellent way to learn car control and a great primer for what you’ll be doing at an autocross event. Several of us who autocross also teach for the CCC program.

    [url=http://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.advert/uidEvent/CE67F424-B526-A495-E81892BFBBA32D54]Registration is open[/url] and filling up fast!

    Michael Costa

    As a newbie last year (and this year), I would say that the Car Control Clinic is nearly mandatory before hitting the Autocross course. You’ll get a lot more out of your AutoX if you have some fundamentals behind you. Before I had even heard of auto cross, I was taken to a mini-Auto cross event at Infineon for my bachelor party, and while wildly fun, I really didn’t know what I was doing and had no idea of how to improve my times.

    Eric Begrer

    Many of us choose to skip events at Candlestick Park, due to the driving surface. Will there be any more Car Control Clinics before the season starts this year?

    Jeff Roberts

    ‘fraid not.

    I hear what you’re saying about the surface, but it’s excellent for exploring the concepts the CCC teaches. I’ve run my own car thru those exercises and autocross events and never had any paint chipping issues, if that’s what you’re concerned about. You will wear your tires, but that’s why you bought them, right?

    Matthew Visser

    Will all events count or will there be a drop one event this season?

    Jeff Roberts

    We are reinstating ‘drop your lowest event” this year.

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