10/15/16 GGC Spot for sale!

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    Mark Shen

    I may not be able to make it for 10/15/16, so I would rather sell the spot than chance not making it

    1 spot at BMW GGC Autocross on Saturday, Oct. 15 @ Marina Airport.

    Contact me at consid3r@gmail.com or 408 669 9400.


    Dennis B

    Cancel through motorsportreg, there is a waitlist.

    Mark Shen

    Well, according to the official policy – cancelling after registration forfeits your entire fee, right? 🙁

    That’s why I’m trying to sell.

    Matthew Visser

    only a $10 cancellation fee. Not sure if the management would honor selling a spot. That is not fair to those on the wait list.

    Cancellation policy:
    A $10 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel prior to close of registration. You will be issued a credit for the balance you paid, so if you paid $50, you will have a Motorsport Reg credit for $40 to be used at a future GGC autocross event. This credit will expire one year from the date you cancelled. If you cancel AFTER the close of registration, or you do not show up, no refund or credit will be given.

    Andy Daniels

    I seem to recall something being mentioned among all of the other stuff in the MSR forms about proxy registrations not being allowed. I’d guess that this would count as such.

    If some random person who’s not on the list shows up at the event, they don’t drive. The registration materials are quite adamant about that. Your slot is registered to your MSR profile. How would you physically accomplish the transfer to someone else?

    Mark Shen

    Nevermind all! My cancellation went through.

    MotorsportReg, I think, allows you to sign up a different driver, but they just have to buy a BMW CCA membership if they don’t have one. So, I think you can attempt to sell the spot (I wasn’t trying to do it for a profit, just trying to not lose $50), but it’s ultimately up to the coordinators if they’ll let that fly.

    Or you can cancel and lose $10, and get the rest back in credits.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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