Re: Videos 4-14 AX1

Jeff Roberts

All can learn a lot from your video Eric. Notice how aggressive he is… constantly feeling the grip and working the wheel as he [b]charges [/b]through the course. He’s super tight on the cones and hits all his marks. It looks like you’re inches away from the slalom cones.

We can’t see Hal’s hands, but you can bet he’s working the car similarly. He has a nice tight line as well. Line is super important to fast times.

I think my #1 observation when I’m in the right seat with less experienced folks is – shyness. If the driver has good car control, I’ll try to break them out of their shell. I rode with Brendan P for a few runs, got him attacking the course harder, then he went out solo on his last run and knocked almost 2 full seconds off his best time. Right on!

Maybe some other coaches had a similar experience.