Re: Tyre wear

Aleksey Kadukin

[quote=”fenax” post=240]…I have an 2011 m3 convertible, and the tyres (and car) have 7700 miles and the fronts are falling apart!…[/quote]
Please keep in mind that you are driving a heavy car (E93 convertible with a hard roof) with a stock suspension and front weight transfers during harsh breaking overloads stock tires easily. As result, tires are overheating and starting to lose traction. Stock camber plays significant role to the tire wearing out from outside; you cannot do much without camber plates there.

For the beginning, I would recommend getting a simple air compressor and tire pressure gauge (with a quick air bleed valve preferably), put extra air to the tires (I would start with 40 psi) before the runs and monitor tire pressure after every run. Tire chalking would give you preliminary idea if the pressure is enough but I would not use it as final tool since combination of car weight and stock suspension would enforce front tire sidewall rollover eventually. Check the tire pressure after every run; you should try to keep the pressure on the same level. Otherwise your tires would overheat and start loosing traction. You would probably need to bleed air out of the tires after first few runs until pressure stabilizes (it depends from tire model and initial pressure in the tire).