Re: Tyre wear

Charlie Davis

[quote=”jeffroberts” post=244]We teach… slow in, fast out. fast in, spin out. 🙂

Totally agree with both comments… you can’t ask your car to do two things at once, like turn and accelerate. You get on the gas as you unwind the wheel and straighten the car out. If the tires are shouting, open the wheel until they sing instead. Even an inch movement in the wheel can do wonders. A singing tire is a happy tire! Treat your tires like a Faberge’ Egg and they will reward you with grip and speed.

Watch all of the videos in the 4/14 video thread, listen to throttle application and tire noises, and watch the hand work on those where you can see it. You won’t hear any screamingly upset tires by those folks, just happily singing tires. Autocross is not track… you can cheat at the track by exercising your right foot on the straights, but at autocross you cannot do that. You must keep the car dancing on the edge of grip and balanced at all times.

Unfortunately, Star Specs are not available in 19″ sizes. Tim settled on the Bridgestone RE11 for the ISF for that reason. You will roast tires until you prefect your technique, so I suggest going less expensive while you’re working yourself thru that. Hankook Evo V12’s are inexpensive and decent enough.

Mod the driver before the car. If someone is out there running faster than you in the same car, it has to be technique vs equipment. Get rides with those people and have them ride with you, observe, listen, learn.[/quote]

I’d definitely go for the RE-11s. I’ve used them and find them to be very responsive and they communicate well to the driver. They also wear well.

I agree that you don’t want to do too many mods to the car, but the biggest deficiency that stock BMWs have is designed in push, mostly due to conservative camber settings. Why learn to drive around a serious handling deficiency, then make the car handle better later? Help the car a little, then learn to drive a better handling car…