Re: Top Driver Shootout 2012 – Event Rules & Format

Jeff Roberts

Amended rules I sent via e-mail…

1. You must drive a BMW or Mini to compete for Top Driver and the Fechner Cup!
2. X-Class cars will drive for fun only.
3. BMW and Mini drivers will randomly pick a run group when you sign in on the morning of the event. X-Class drivers will be pre-assigned a run group. You will not be allowed to switch run groups. You will run in the run group you randomly choose from the hat, or were assigned ahead of time if an X-Class car.
4. Once you have your run group, you will sign up for a work assignment. The earlier you arrive, the better chance you have to get the work assignment you want. Everyone must select a work assignment.
5. Multi-driver cars will be separated into different run groups. A car may only run once per run group. Therefore a maximum of three drivers may share a car (as there are only 3 run groups).
6. When you sign in, you need to let the registration people know who you are sharing a car with so they make sure you run in different groups.
7. There will be no driver coaches for BMW/Mini competitors. Passengers are not allowed in any BMW/Mini. This includes other drivers or guests. X-Class drivers may ride with other x-class drivers only.

Ride-along Rules Defined
– Any x-class driver may ride with any other x-class driver only.
– Any guest (non-driver) may ride with any x-class driver only.
– No BMW/Mini driver may ride with any other drivers.
– No BMW/Mini drivers may take any passengers.
– Any BMW/Mini driver found to violate these rules will be immediately disqualified and will forfeit any remaining runs. No refund will be given!

8. At 9am on the morning of the TDS, the points assigned to your car is official and is what will be used to adjust your run times. Therefore, you may not make changes to the car that will increase the points value of the car after check-in has closed on the morning of the TDS. You may make changes that will decrease the points value of the car, however the points assigned to the car will not change.
9. If you are driving a car that is different than what you have classified, then your times will be disqualified. You must be in our computer system with the correct car and the correct car points prior to check-in closing or your times will not count.
10. If you are late for the start of the driver meeting at 9am the morning of the TDS, you will not be allowed to run. No exceptions!

1. There will be three run groups.
2. Each group will run in the morning and then again in the afternoon. We’ll enjoy lunch in between and trophies for class winners will be presented. If you’re not present to receive your trophy, we will make arrangements to get your award to you.
3. There will be 4 runs in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Note that all runs are official runs, no practice runs.
4. We will reconfigure and run the course in the opposite direction in the afternoon.
5. Your fastest morning run will be combined with your fastest afternoon run. Times will be adjusted based on your car’s points using the formula ((60/59.901) ^ points) * time * 0.85.
6. The top 3 BMW/Mini drivers from each run group (determined as described in # 5) will compete for the coveted Fechner Cup in the final shootout round. X-Class cars are not eligible for the final round.
7. The course will be reconfigured again for the shootout round.
8. If you’re not competing in the shootout round, we ask that you stick around and volunteer to work the course and cheer on your friends as they compete for the Fechner Cup.
9. The BMW/Mini finalists will assemble on the grid and run the modified loop-back course thru three rotations of the grid = three timed runs. The driver with the fastest adjusted time will be crowned Top Driver!