Re: Thanks all the AutoX team

James Keane

Have to +1 on the quality of the course and the setting. In my almost three years of autox, that was my absolute favorite course – bar none!

– Length. Length. Length. Gotta love 80-90 seconds. I would actually pay more for a longer course if that’s what it took.
– The corner combinations that could be taken in almost a straight line if you set up properly. There was at least 4 of these and it was fun discovering them.
– The long back straightaway that had us E46’ers hitting the rev limiter in second. The right angle wall at the end forced you to be serious about picking a braking point.
– The surface was actually much better than all the “stick” hype led me to believe – and I was in the first run group too. Great work in sweeping the surface.
– Elevation changes. Loved the little carousel at the turn-around point.
– Location. Being up in the Bay Area brings lots of old and new faces, plus it’s a shorter commute 🙂

– New folks got a little lost in the “sea of cones”. Granted, this is going to happen to some new folks regardless, but the extra length definitely added more to memorize. The folks I was coaching made great improvements through their runs. Perhaps that was a factor of having extra seat time? Five 90-second runs equals ten normal runs….

i know there are big challenges with logistics and costs in making this type of special event happen, but I want to commend the folks involved.

Great stuff designers and organizers!