Re: September 14, 2013 – AX #6 Course Design

John Kim

Hey I was only 4.7 seconds behind Dave Dunwoodie this time–an improvement! 3.2 seconds behind JeffC and Jack Yu, 2.6 secs behind Rodger, 1.1 behind JeffR. I think this is the first time I was ever faster than Jared or Eric, but Eric was driving a different car and having an off day. But every non-BMW was faster than me, except the Ford Focus.

Someday soon I will get real AutoX tires and remember to look ahead, then I’ll only be 4.2 seconds behind Dunwoodie and 2.7 seconds behind Cowan and Yu. And the Ford Focus will never catch me! At least that’s the plan.

My 2nd run, 4th fastest time (46.004), carrying 2 passengers.

My 3rd fun run, on the old Bridgetone rear tires, with lots of oversteer. (As Ryan announces at the end, I destroyed the course.)