Re: Request – F1 Race report?


The lap 1 turn 1 incident was the typical ‘accordian” with people overly optimistic and not braking early enough, one car was lost from the race here, lost both radiators (they are in the front).

There were several other side to side and nose to tail contacts but the most egregious was the T12 incident when a driver attempted to execute a pass that had a -100% chance of success. He lost his radiators and his engine trying to continue.

The astroturf was epoxied down, I don’t know specifically but imagine they simply put more of it down.

I had called for the meatball on 46 when the bumper separated, so I cancelled it. All decisions are based upon the particular situation, can’t give you a generalized answer. Think I waited for a full lap which would mean two laps after the incident before issuing the order and it came off in the third lap.