Re: Request – F1 Race report?

Rob Powers

Wow, cool that we had an ‘insider’ there! The GT3 race was awesome. Madison Snow is *fast* (he’s 16 and he won the race (10 laps) after starting from 3rd). I expect we’ll be hearing his name in the future.

The car hitting the armco was very unfortunate. Hell of a way to spend a weekend with travel, practice, qualifying, and all of the rest of the circus (not to mention all the $$$$) only to not be able to participate in the race itself.

Now that I’m thinking about it there was some other contact in the GT3 race. One driver had his rear bumper removed. And 2 cars came together in T12 leading to one of them losing their radiator (leaving water all over the place). But given the number of cars involved, it loked pretty ‘clean’ overall.

Here’s a couple questions for you: with the guy who had his rear bumper hanging, how long do you allow something like that to continue before you meatball him? Also, the “astroturf” at the exit of T12 was getting some attention because it was starting to pull up.. do you know how they resolved it so it didn’t tear up?