Re: Request – F1 Race report?


I am the Race Director for the Pirelli GT3 Cup Series. The “crash” was very unfortunate for the driver, he was the slowest of the field, qualified 30th out of 30 and is just a very nice gentleman.

Race Control has 40+ HD monitors with caneras all around the track so we do not miss anything. There is a replay facility with slow motion to analyse any incident to determine any immediate penalty assessment.

Behind the scenes there were many changes taking place around the facility all the way until 9:30 Sunday morning.

The logistics of the F1 circus is simply amazing. All the turnstyles are F1, the portable team buildings, the track lights, just about everything you see that can move is part of the traveling circus. Interesting fact, the large catering tent behind the garages/suites is a catering company out of Austria that is part of the traveling circus.

It was amazing organization and you would not believe the attention to detail everywhere F1/FoM touched. COTA has some areas for improvement but considering it was a brand new facility without the benefit of any prior “test” event and starting with arguably the biggest event it could possibly host they did an outstanding job.

BTW, I stayed in San Antonio and commuted the 1.5 hours each way. Hotels were available and affordable.

Here are photos I snapped of the front straight and its 113 foot rise to turn 1.