Re: Photos and videos from 5-25

Justin Tsang

[quote=”dacat” post=1498]I would totally believe you if you handily beat your brother with the mazdaspeed, but since you didn’t, well then it’s your opinion.[/quote]

Really? The slow corners is where the MS3 will beat the E36, these type of courses won’t even be a close match. The flowy and sweeping type course is where the E36 is faster… My point was that a car with more power will be faster on that course.

I don’t know how you guys don’t get this…. Cars with more power/torque (most of the times they go hand in hand) will be faster on courses where you have to shut it down and pick back up multiple times…. You think a car with no power will be faster out of a 20mph turn vs. a car with power? Think about it…. Just because you guys with power couldn’t step on the gas for long isn’t the car’s fault. You have to setup the car for the corner exit, from the video i see, some of you guys are plowing into the corner and by the time you can use the throttle, it’s already way past the apex. You want to be on the throttle before the apex.

Point is… Slower turns = better for powerful cars… Faster turns = better for less powerful/momentum cars