Re: # of Entries

Michael Costa

[quote=”jeffroberts” post=1543]As I get them, I move people in. You’ll get notified if/when I can move you. After reg closes tomorrow I’ll let those who didn’t make it in know for sure. There have only been 3 since we sold out a week ago.

Interesting statistic: we had 90 people registered within the first week, 60 of which came within the first few days after reg opened.

We must be doing something right.[/quote]

Yes, I got caught a bit off guard by how fast if it filled up. I had figured a week and half ahead of time would leave plenty of margin to get in. That was wrong. I think I was #104 last week, so maybe I have a shot at getting in. Good to know for next time.

It seems like the attendances are higher this year. I wonder if it is from holding the first cart control clinic of the year at Candlestick in conjunction with the first non-compete AutoX the next day?