Re: # of Entries

Jeff Roberts

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The only suggestion I would make is to perhaps adjacently cluster run/work groups (make 4 of them) so that one doesn’t have to spend an entire day at the event. My 2c..[/quote]

Thank you! The people are the reason I got involved in the first place and I truly look forward to seeing everyone each month. Event after event new people make a point of telling me how welcoming we are and that credit goes to our awesome members.

We used to have 4 run groups, and we tried it at 4/20’s event with limited success. We were short on workers and didn’t have enough coaches. Some people selflessly volunteered to work 3 sessions on course, while others did the same to coach. In true GGC style, people stepped up to make the event run smoothly.

After the event the team discussed it and decided we would stick with 3 groups so we have enough workers. Over 40% of our attendees are first-timers or novice drivers. I try my best to have one coach for every 2 coachees, and we need at least 17-19 workers to fill the rest of the positions in each group. Plus we have tech inspectors, staff, and gate workers. With 3 groups we have a few extras to fill in as needed or to cover no shows. We don’t get many, but sometimes people don’t show up and leave us short-handed.

There are many logistics to putting one of these together and 100/3 is not the only consideration. I wish it were that simple.

To be fair to all, we do rotate the run group order with each event. If your class ran last in May, you’ll run first this weekend, second next month, and so on.