Re: # of Entries

Jeff Roberts

No worries 181. The question comes up now and then so I wanted to give a little background.

Michael, this season has been amazingly successful so far. When I started attending back in 2009, you had to be registered within the first couple of days or you weren’t getting in.

I talk to lots of people as I’m involved in all of our programs and learned that folks were apprehensive to try autocross for a couple of reasons. So, we eliminated those reasons by focusing on coaching and putting on fun-run events and advanced CCC so members can get their feet wet without the stress of competition. It seems to have worked. Plus, many folks are getting their friends involved, which is great. That’s how many of us got started, me included.

The Chapter is doing a full court press on our membership to get more people involved. Cars & Coffee meetups are happening in all regions, tech sessions, and social gatherings. Our calendar is chock full of fun stuff to do.