Re: Looking for a co-driver in BSP

Hal Dorton

The Rebello race engine will be done by the end of the week. After breakin we’ll chasis dyno. Should be over 250rwph. Transmission and rearend were rebuilt as well. Suspension was rebuilt last year with custom valving. Olivia has been lightened over 120lbs already and we’re still considering some extreme measures for an additional 48lbs before Sep 2013. The car will be very competitive in BSP. The tires will cost $10/run. The travel expenses are minimal @ .15/mile. I’ll take care of getting the car to the venues with he new truck and enclosed 24′ trailer plus ALL scheduled maintenance. If the co-driver breaks it, they bought it so no hot dogging. I already talked to a couple of local champions that run street tire classes but they don’t have the money for extended tours like San Diego, Packwood or Lincoln. We will not consider a co-driver after the season starts in mid February.