Re: January 19, 2013 – Course Rewind Fun Event

John Kim

Jeff, thanks. I did try R-S3 tires before and they were very grippy once hot, which usually worked well in Fontana or at Qualcomm as long as it didn’t rain. Never tried the Star Specs. My current Conti ExtremeDW don’t need a lot of heat but max grip is far less than warm Hankooks. What class am I in anyway?
[li]Base Points 42[/li]
[li]Wider front wheels +1[/li]
[li]Springs & shocks +12[/li]
[li]Camber plates +5[/li]
[li]Engine Lvl 7 mode, no LSD = +1 (dyno) or +2 (paper)[/li]
61-62 points puts me in AA with 7-8 points room. Did I do the math right there? Maybe front swaybar and even wider wheels when the time is right. Or get rid of some seats! But who am I kidding, it’s mostly about improving my driving. I wasn’t able to execute all the suggestions Tony gave me.