Re: How much is extra tire performance worth/useable?

Aleksey Kadukin

I’ve been trying autocrossing with Sumitomo HTR ZIII with zero success; the car was gliding on Marina tarmac as on ice. Star Specs did way better job for me last year. However, one of fastest C class drivers was driving similar car on HTR ZIIIs with no issues. I assume it depends from your driving skill and style. Sumitomo HTR ZIII does not like to be pushed IMHO; Star Specs are holding up much better but might overheat and start losing traction progressively after few runs on heavy car. Sumitomo would be more comfortable for daily driving than Star Specs (it depends from car suspension setup as well). However, I would recommend Star Specs or similar extreme performance summer tires for autocrossing at first glance; they are targeting weekend motorsport activities by design and would give you advantage over more civilized tires.