Re: GoPro Merry XMas


[quote=”goeslikeschnell” post=966]Get a long (mine is 12ft ) 3.5-inch audio cable and a small lapel mic to put near the exhaust or in the engine bay. Otherwise you’ll just get wind noise at speed. If you have the new HDHero 3, you’ll also need an adapter cable from GoPro.

No Mic: [video][/video]

Mic taped near the exhaust: [video][/video][/quote]

I second this. The video I posted uses basically the same technique. I’m using a $60 Audio Technica PRO24-CM mic with a magnet mount on bottom of the trunk. Works great, zero wind noise. I should mention that there is some discussion whether or not the GoPro cameras can provide voltage to an external mic. I’ve read competing theories from employees so I went with the Audio Technica because it is self powered with a small battery.