Re: Displaced Pylons on Course

Jeff Roberts

I think the rule An provided should apply. Honestly, I have no recollection of this situation ever coming up until this past event. After you mentioned it to me Paul, I walked out to the workers and pointed it out and they fixed it.

I’m open to suggestions on course worker training. Last season I started the pre-session briefing hoping a fresh review of the duties right before going out would clarify any ambiguity. It takes time and I feel it still has value, but we sometimes have issues with downed cones being missed. I think one group on Saturday had quite a few re-runs for this reason.

I provide this link in the confirmation e-mail and suggest new folks go thru it.


Even though it’s not exactly the way our events run, the information is relevant and compliments the encyclopedia of stuff I send out in the confirmation e-mail. Everything anyone needs to know is provided in this e-mail and if it’s not in there, I link them to outside documents/posts on the forum that fill in the blanks. I cannot force people to read it, however.

If I/we can do a better job of getting the information out there, I’m very open to new ideas. One just came to mind… perhaps I need to print a sheet of course worker guidelines to hand out to new folks at registration.

Maybe we need to make a 5 minute video to point people to. I kinda like that idea too.