Re: Crows Pix

Mark Mervich

[quote=”btwyx” post=1871]It was a fast course. I’ve setup the MINI with short tires in with the assumption that I won’t need to go that fast. I was hitting the limiter in second everywhere. Most courses I can shift into second and not worry about it, I haven’t had much if any practice shifting down again. The one time I have tried shifting back to second from third was a disaster.

That course needed several shifts up and down. As I said I was hitting the limiter everywhere when I tried it in second, when I tried it in third it was slower. I needed more shifts. I probably would have done much better with our other tires which are taller.[/quote]
Same thing for me. More shifts. It does take practice. I was working 3/4 and made the shift 3 times, but I hit top of 3rd 2 other times; missed opportunity for a faster run.